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STFU, Sexists.: jtravisrolko: To all the women of the world,If you’ve rejected me, I...


To all the women of the world,

If you’ve rejected me, I hate you. If we’re just friends, our friendship is over. If we don’t know each other, I will never offer you mere friendship. The friendship I’ve offered to your sex has been abused too much and for too long. I now spit…

Guess what asshole, myself and a lot of women have been rejected and “friend-zoned” (ugh hate that word) many times, and you now what we do? We get the fuck over it. 

Maybe it’s time you tried that instead of doing the same old tired bullshit of blaming women for all your problems, and instead see it as an opportunity to do some soul-searching and improve yourself. Stop pointing your fingers at us and using your bullshit as an excuse to turn yourself into a sexist, disgusting, bottomfeeding fuckgobbet.

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    Uhm, some girls do treat men like this. Although those types of women are usually called psychopaths.
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    I wonder how these “Nice Guys” would like it women treated them like this?
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    fucking shit
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    Read all of this and lol forever.
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    girls are not quest items needed to complete this level...then discard for something...
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