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✿ CHUBBY BUNNIES ✿: I will not apologise.




I will not apologise for making all of you (men) uncomfortable.

I’m glad you unfollowed chubby bunnies. You have fetish blogs. You shouldn’t be following this blog in the first place.

I am not a bitch. I am not a feminazi.

I am a human being with real feelings. My feelings are valid.

As I sit…

I will not apologize either! And I will not stop telling people that I think they are nice or look lovely. Some people like complaments. I have given out several complaments and gottin verbally bitchslapped for it. My favorite was “your hair looks nice” and she said; “I don’t put my hair up for you to judge pig!” Lol cuz im a man means I can’t complement women is what it seems. I don’t have a fetish blog. Yeah there is alot of porn and just plain stupidity on here. But I want to make one thing clear, well 2 things. 1. Because I complement you, doesn’t mean I want to fuck you. It means im trying to be nice, that is all. 2. My boxing challange to any man hating feminist is still open. If I kick this bitches ass, I will be a pig for hitting a woman. If I don’t, I will be a pig for not treating her like an equal. Lol either way I lose. And I know that. But no woman has accepted the challange and that speaks volumes to me. Not gonna let man hating, preachy bitches stop me from trying to make people feel better when they are down and making people smile. And by people, im including women. Sorry ladies, the fact that I have a dick doesn’t mean I wanna fuck you all. And it doesn’t mean I can’t give you a complament. Because I believe we all need to smile from time to time…. and sometimes I need help smiling. And I know im not the only one

I have never read a more full of shit thing in my whole life. I was agreeing with you (to a point) and then you go and start talking about a boxing ring match? Why in the fuck would a woman want to go into a boxing ring with you, unless she was a boxer? I don’t understand your logic there at all. 

Maybe no woman has accepted your challenge because no one particularly wants to be punched in the fucking face by a man? 

By referring to me as a ‘man hating, preachy bitch’ is probably the reason why no one takes your ‘compliments’ seriously. 

You don’t have to want to fuck someone to pay them a compliment, but the way in which you conduct yourself is reason enough to not want a compliment from you. 

Man hating, preachy bitch signing off- as I sit here next to my cismale fiancé and cismale son.


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