"Do you believe in forever? I don't even believe in tomorrow. The only thing that lasts forever are memories and sorrow."

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So the other day, I bought lavender herbal tea from the Giant Eagle Market District. The tea comes in round teabags, and I thought I could cheap it by tearing the bags open and putting them into my infuser.


You shake the infuser and the tea is fine enough to sift through the infuser…

Do you have a teavana store nearby?

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  • Question: I'm sorry to come to you ranting but that post sent me through the roof. Why do fucking men assume that all women need their drinks paid for? When i go into a bar, i have guys offering to buy me a drink before i can even open my mouth. Never once have i asked to be bought one. I always have my own money, i've never had a guy pay for anything. My mother told me once you let a man pay for you, he always holds it over your head. Sure as shit, i always see men bitching about buying drinks. Bullshit. - Anonymous
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    Dude honestly, so the fuck what if a dude buys me shit, dude better buy me shit. I’m amazing and he understands he’s lucky and buys me shit.  I don’t owe anyone anything, spending money on me is basically saying ‘You’re awesome and here’s some material things and food because you are a goddess and here are my offerings, thank you for talking to me.’ 

    If they hold it over your head, they are the type of dude to hold everything over your head. ‘I did the dishes, sooo gonna blow me?’ ‘I didn’t fuck that girl I could have fucked, soooo gonna blow me?’ ‘I’m half assing treating you like a human being and pretending to respect you as a person…. soooo gonna blow me?’ These men are weak, delusional, and a waste of time.

    Another thing I needed to see today

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The Two Key Qualities of a Classic Nic Cage Action Film

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  • Question: "A few points from a male perspective on this" stopped reading there - Anonymous
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    I know dude, I know 

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me flirting on grindr





Im like laughing at this at 3 in the morning. I need sleep.

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Still in need of funds. Even if I don’t make enough to pay all of the water, I might get enough to go halfway with my brother so every little bit counts

Help my friend please

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Located in NYC, Tokyo Bar is covered with Japanese Manga illustrations and neon lights. The little restaurant has specialized in Japanese-style Western food. Kashiwa Sato created the branding, love it. (source)



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I keep coming back to you!


I keep coming back to you!

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"who wouldn’t want to be me?"

what a perfect dragon~



"who wouldn’t want to be me?"

what a perfect dragon~

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found this on fb thought you guys’d like it. original link

maybe the doctors should take some time off and let natural selection do it’s work

This is gold…

good lord

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